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Cinnamon Swirl


Wonderful for french toast! White bread with gooey swirls of sweetened cinnamon inside. Sold unsliced.

Country White


Most popular, made with unbleached wheat flour, honey, water, yeast and sea salt.



A blend of unbleached, wheat and rye flours. Made as a sandwich loaf with a soft crust.

Apple Cinnamon Swirl


Added oat fiber and dried apple bits with gooey sweetened cinnamon swirled inside. Sold unsliced.

Honey Wheat


100% stone ground! Made with whole wheat, honey, water, yeast, and sea salt.

Wheat Rolls


Made with stone ground whole wheat—but still so soft, chewy, and slightly sweet!



An ancient grain, part of the wheat family, less gluten and less acidic = easier on the digestion. A proven solution for many who have gluten sensitivities but who don’t have Celiac.

Hearty 9-Grain


Highest in fiber—5g per slice. Made with 100% stone ground whole wheat.