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Who we are

Our story is simple—we bring together nutritious grains that are ground fresh and source all-natural ingredients to make the best tasting and healthiest bread around! Our passion for bread making began 1995 when our first store opened in Mesa, AZ. We have always wanted to make bread the way it is supposed to be - devoid of fluff and extended shelf life. Who wants a loaf that lasts for weeks anyway? Bread has been around for ages and is meant to be eaten with a meal. We want our breads to make your meals memorable!

Experience is Everything

The Anderson Family has owned and operated Whole Grain Natural Bread Company for over 25 years with the goal to provide breads and baked goods that are good for you and delicious as well. We are passionate about making bread that has some heft and fills the belly. We love all the products we make and can stand by what goes in them. Good, wholesome bread makes a great sandwich, or it becomes your favorite toast - just plain. It also completes the meal because it usually sops up what is left or holds in your hands what you are eating. It should taste darn good and equally important it should be healthy for you to eat. That is what we do— make breads that are simple in nature—with whole grains and honey to sweeten and preserve.