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Cinnamon Roll


Big rolls that are baked through and come with cream cheese icing. Call for custom icing

Cinnamon Swirl


Wonderful for french toast! White bread with gooey swirls of sweetened cinnamon inside. Sold unsliced.

Country White


Most popular, made with unbleached wheat flour, honey, water, yeast and sea salt.

Country White Dinner Rolls


Made with unbleached wheat flour- The perfect roll for the perfect meal!

Cranberry Walnut


Wildly popular during the holidays but still called for year round. Made with stone ground whole wheat and sweetened with honey and dried cranberries.

Dill-Onion Rye


Made on Wednesdays only.

Harvest Wheat


Blend of stone ground whole wheat and unbleached flours. Lightly sweetened with honey.

Hearty 9-Grain


Highest in fiber—5g per slice. Made with 100% stone ground whole wheat.

Honey Wheat


100% stone ground! Made with whole wheat, honey, water, yeast, and sea salt.

Jalapeño Cheddar


White bread, colby jack cheese, and jalapenos, delicioso!

Monkey Bread


Ooey gooey, buttery sweetened cinnamon chunks for you to tear off and enjoy!

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